State or IRS Tax Problems?

Is this how you see your world due to tax problems? Let us help you to take away that cloud!

Does this sound familiar? Unfiled tax returns, balance dues from prior years , spouse with tax problems, etc.

Are tax problems keeping you from buying the home you want, getting better interest rates, going to sleep at night, obtaining security clearances, obtaining loans or credit, causing problems with loved ones?


Principle accountant, Michael Isenhart, a U.S. Treasury licensed Taxpayer Representative will meet with you for a no charge consultation (up to an hour) to discuss your tax problem(s). He will explain the options that are available to remedy your problem, how long it might take to accomplish the task, and explain what it will cost.

“I have sometimes found that what appears to be a huge insurmountable tax problem to a client, often has a solution that they would never have expected that is actually doable for them. I enjoy the opportunity to help individuals and businesses get themselves back on track!”

Do yourself a favor! Isn’t it worth just a little of your time to find out what can be done for your situation?

Call today 618-234-5958. You have nothing to lose and potentially a whole lot more to gain!